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3D Tinker Creations

Toy 3-Rail Farm Fence | 1:9 Scale | with Socket Connectors

Toy 3-Rail Farm Fence | 1:9 Scale | with Socket Connectors

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Plastic 3-Rail Play Fence | 1:9 Scale | Farm Animals | Little People | Doll House |

Welcome to 3D Tinker Creations

Often in our household, new inventions emerge when our toddler's interest moves. Looking at all the fencing options on the market led us to design our own fencing. Our 3-Rail fencing will allow for use across many age ranges whether they are needed to keep your farm animals corralled or your doll house looking beautiful. Added Ball and socket Joints allow for quick connecting fencing to create the perfect shape within your play space. Included with every order are additional feet to allow single-segment fencing to stand in your play space.

All items are made by the 3D printing process, this means all the products will have visible layer lines of the process and won't be completely smooth on the outside!

These parts are made with PLA plastic which is safe to use. Due to the small size, this piece could be a choking hazard to young children. Always have adult supervision when in use. The suggested age range is 3+

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Additional Colors can be created by request but will require longer lead times.
Play Animals and Barn not included.

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