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In the age of technology and fast-paced advancements, it can be challenging to keep children engaged and interested in learning. As parents and caregivers, we are always searching for new and exciting ways to encourage our children to explore the world around them. This is where 3D Tinker Creations comes in, a family-oriented company that aims to promote STEM education through innovative and creative toy designs.

The idea behind 3D Tinker Creations started when we noticed that there were few ways to connect the various toys that our toddler enjoyed most. We wanted to create toys that not only kept children engaged but also fostered an interest in STEM. With our experience in 3D printing, we decided to create our own toy designs that would inspire children to learn while having fun.

At 3D Tinker Creations, the focus is on connecting different types of toys to enhance playtime for toddlers. We have designed Brio train track adapters that allow toddlers to create unique train tracks using their existing Brio wooden train sets in combination with MEGA Bloks sets. This combination is especially powerful given the age at which these toys are introduced to a child. Children as young as one year old can begin creatively connecting elements around them. In addition to the Brio Adapters, We have a range of other products that look to make similar connections between common toys.  This not only stimulates their creativity but also introduces them to the world of 3D printing.

What sets 3D Tinker Creations apart from other toy companies is their commitment to being family-oriented. We believe that learning and playtime should be a family activity, and their toys are designed to encourage family interaction. The growth of 3D Tinker Creations’ portfolio of toys and accessories  is primarily driven by the growth of our children. In the coming years we hope to provide many more products across a broader age range. Luckily for us we have two built in product testers. 

In conclusion, 3D Tinker Creations is a company that is making a difference in the world of children's toys. By promoting STEM education through innovative and creative toy designs, we are inspiring children to learn while having fun. Our commitment to being family-oriented and catering to different learning styles makes us a company that parents and caregivers can trust. If you're looking for toys that will engage your child's mind and spark their imagination, 3D Tinker Creations is the perfect place to start.

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